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Centrally located with service engineers across the country, Mailing & Mechanisation have built up a reputation over 25 years that is second to none in the mailing and print finishing industries.
With a solid technical base, we have ensured that we have built up a wide range of high quality reliable equipment that is very cost effective.

With all staff (except for administration) having a full engineering background and a wealth of experience, we do not outsource any mechanical work, electrical work or software. All system design and configuration is also carried out in-house, so if a customer does have a problem, it can always be rectified quickly. This gives us the ability to ensure that we can always give an excellent cost effective service.

From stand alone inserters, feeders, folders, forms guillotines through to fully bespoke systems designed to fulfil customers specific requirements, we not only have the products but also the skills and technical ability to offer cost effective solutions for all of your requirements

Unlike a great deal of other suppliers, if a customer calls us, they can always speak to an engineer who can address any questions and react quickly. The majority of customers and prospective customers also use our free service of free advice and consultancy

Our Products and Services

Our main products cover the Direct Mail, Transactional Mail, Trans-Promo Mail and Print Finishing industries. However anyone with any requirement for moving, cutting, printing or handling paper could possibly find our products or services useful.

Our products range from simple feeders through to complex mailing systems to include networked Management Information Systems. We supply, feeders, folders, forms guillotines, polythene wrapping machines, envelope inserters (both Direct Mail and Transactional), ink-jet printers, OMR reading systems, BCR reading systems, 2D reading systems, OCR reading systems, Management Information Systems, spare parts and a vast range of paper handling modules.

Not only can we provide the range of equipment listed, we can also tailor and combine these machines to produce bespoke solutions for complex requirements.

Inserters, Folders, Polythene wrappers, Feeders, Forms Guiillotines, Forms handling, Reading systems, Ink-Jet printing, Pallet wrapping, Spare parts

About Us & Our History

Mailing & Mechanisation (UK) Ltd was formed in late 1985 and started trading in January 1986. As the main thrust of the business was service and support, we started rebuilding customers own machines and were in fact the first people in the UK to rebuild the ‘industry standard’ Phillipsburg. At that time Bell & Howell told customers that these machine could not be rebuilt, but after a couple of years set up their own rebuilding facility in Ashford. A few years later they shut the operation as they could not make it pay. Although they carried out a very good rebuild, they took the decision to rebuild back to original specifications, very much like rebuilding a classic car. We took a totally different approach and worked very hard to bring the machines up to current day standards and with our skill sets, this worked very well for us.
When Mailing & Mechanisation first started trading we felt that it was imperative that whatever we did, we always remained in control. This is a philosophy that we have maintained to ensure that we could always give the customer good service and were never in a position where we were in the hand of a third party.
We have spent a great deal of time and effort honing the rebuild process and also working very hard at improving the machines that we rebuild. This has held us in good stead as we now have a reputation for quality and service. Since we started in business, like many other industries, many people have thought that they can make money through rebuilding and that rebuilding is simply a case of getting a machine to run and then cleaning it and painting it.
We take pride in what we do and if you speak to any member of staff at Mailing & Mechanisation, you will understand that we do not do business in this manner. Many companies offering rebuilds will tell you that they all strip their machine totally and rebuild them and I would agree that some actually do strip the machines. However, that is the easy part and although a few do strip them, if the parts are then simply cleaned, blacked and re-assembled with a few obvious parts replaced it is a very expensive ‘machine clean’. It is quite often the case that the staff used for these processes are simply internally trained people with no real in depth knowledge, skills or qualifications and given that quite a few owners/managers of these companies are not skilled or qualified engineers, they actually do believe that they are carrying out a full rebuild.

All of the staff at Mailing & Mechanisation are fully qualified and skilled engineers and we are always looking at way of improving what we do and how we do it. The rebuild process has been developed and improved over 25 years and by engineers that are not only qualified but know the machines intimately.